Lauren Weedman BLOWS is a show about what’s broken (the economics of being an independent artist, a single mom, the list is long) and a thoughtful look at what’s at stake:

Like most independent artists, Lauren juggles making art with commercial work. And the commercial work is changing rapidly. In this context, owning and producing work in unique ways becomes a key part of the show.

And that’s why we’re launching the CoProducer ownership model. CoProducing matches a love of independent art, culture and entertainment with “peer- to-peer” tools that offer new opportunities for audience/creator relationships. CoProducing is an INVESTMENT with real relationship development between artist and audience and real returns for the value created along the way. It’s is kind of like Patreon but no third-party is taking a cut.

The first CoProducer event was held at the Seattle premiere at the Triple Door. It featured a gallery full of artifacts – books, a reel of tv and film clips, original paintings – from Lauren’s career to remind guests of the breadth of work she’s created over the past thirty years. The second CoProducer event, a gallery of a new series of Lauren’s paintings, was held at City Winery NYC, along side the live performance on June 18th.


Become a CO-PRODUCER, invest in Lauren’s career by investing in BLOWS as a production so Lauren can keep doing what she does best: create, provoke, entertain, and perform live. Join the folks who have already signed on:

Patricia Boiko
Clive Coogan
Mark Doucette
Rachel Debusk
Tina LaPadula
Leticia Lopez
Armando & Rachel Luna
Piper Struemph
Chris Swenson
Jen Todd


$500 – GIFT – Original Lauren Weedman Painting +

  • Name listed on the website and at Co-Producer events
  • Regular updates about the show
  • Pre-announcements about upcoming appearances and special guests
  • Co-creator credit in a story of possibility about co-investment/co-ownership models for artists and their fans
  • Eligibility for Investment as the production advances

After costs, 100% of your investment goes to the production and Lauren Weedman.

Caveat: This is an investment, not a donation so it’s not tax deductible. Your investment doesn’t come with guarantee of financial return, but the creative currency – of supporting the production, Lauren’s career, and participating in a new peer-to-peer funding model – is infinite.

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